Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday 160. Double take.

Henry Smith could hardly believe his eyes.  It looked like -surely not - a Dalmatian dog driving the car in front! Then he realised – it was a left hand drive. 

Just a bit of nonsense this week. For the Sunday 160 - a story in exactly 160 characters. Hosted by The Monkey Man. Go see what other people have to offer.


Monkey Man said...

I love nonsense. Great image you created with this Sunday 160. Thanks so much for playing along.

Ellie Garratt said...

Snort. Snort. This made me smile!

snafu said...

I knew someone who saw that, but it was not a left hand drive, the owner had not put the hand-brake on properly and his dog was standing with its paws on the steering wheel as it rolled past my friend’s office window. After a double take, he had the presence of mind to rush out of his office and was able to open the driver’s door and put the brake on without getting bitten by the startled dog, who resented strange people bursting into his owner's territory and pushing it off its perch.