Social Not-working

Not so long ago the advent of social networking was being heralded as the answer to many of society's ills. It offered lonely and housebound people a way to stay in touch and gave the insecure and the agoraphobic a chance to communicate with other people. Unfortunately, like most new systems throughout history, the phenomenon has not been without its difficulties. The less scrupulous of humanity have identified ways to exploit the information channel and those who use it.

While many people have tracked down long-lost friends, found new partners, shared hobbies and obtained employment, others have been hoodwinked by thieves, subjected to public humiliation and had their privacy torn apart. In particular, children have been persuaded by those who prey on the vulnerable to leave themselves open to sexual predation.
I have explored this subject through a series of writings I have called Social Not-working.  This is an ongoing project.

The influence of TV and social networks on moral standards

In response to a news report of a girl who left a suicide note on a social networking site

A flash fiction on the subject of grooming

A very short piece about cyber-isolation