Some common errors that really make my blood boil.

Anyone who wants to be a writer really should understand the language they are using for their compositions. Some linguistic glitches take place because of changing fashions and others are the result of geographic variations (to boldly split infinitives, etc.) but some are just plain wrong!

This is a collection of errors I have found on sites including writers' blogs - and they really should know better.

too unique  Look up unique in the dictionary. It means singular, sole, unrivalled. A thing cannot be too unique, almost unique, more than unique. It is either unique or it is very, very, unusual.
my name's are accurate  But your use of apostrophes isn't. An apostrophe signifies that something has been removed. So 'David's book' means 'David, his book'. 'It's new' means 'It is new'.
They are never NEVER needed to signify a plural.
Also found: the other fine writer's 

aren't particularly unique or different than anyone else
By a published author. Ouch!

not the kind of think you'd want to keep as a pet  I'm hoping that one was a typing error. But I suspect not.

here here  Where where?  THINK about what this means - it's a call for people to hear what's being said. Not to call them over to you.

she is quite different to me  No, she's different from you. You wouldn't say 'she differs to me', it would always be 'differs from', so why is it 'different to'? Different than is an Americanism. If you choose to use it, please leave out the u in colour, the e off the end of axe etc. Be consistent.  

written from the prospective of   This one was on the BBC news site. That's unforgiveable. Prospective what? Parliamentary candidate?  Perspective, surely.

Tag your it  Oh come on! I thought at first this was about security marking my computer. And this was from a published author! (To make matters worse there was a logo next to it with the correct spelling.)

even finished theh first
numbers? surely
very slightly which is never
from it which adds
sufficiently different to us
This selection is from a blog that reviews self-published books. It's a fairly cruel site and the 'editor' is quick to point out errors in other people's work.

old man who's son has just died
This one was on a site that purports to offer writing exercises. Might I suggest a session on grammar?