Every Thursday (most Thursdays) I offer an extract from a favourite author, or poet, or someone I just discovered, or anything I take a liking to really. This is a list of links so you (well - me really) can find them easily.

Douglas Adams on the nature of horses
Midsummer thoughts (Anon.)
Cormorant or shag? (Anon)
Asimov's view of 2014 - from 50 years ago
Paul Auster on writing
Richard Bach on how to work miracles
Richard Bach on letting go
Richard Bach on vampires
Christine Barber's Bon(e)fire
Beowulf and the Sutton Hoo connection
(Bridges) London Snow
Robert Browning on Spring
Burns Night. Haggis time
Disappointment (Caletti)
Catalogue Girl (Campbell)
Hoagy Carmichael on top form
Tea with Lewis Carroll
John Clare on snow
Arthur C Clarke: In space no-one can hear you scream
Coleridge's Frost at Midnight
Corinthians. Love never ends.
e.e. cummings on pest control
Jeffery Deaver's lesson in forensics
You just never know (Deaver)
Max Ehrmann's Seventies revival
A farmer's plea to God
Alan Garner's grave humour
Sue Grafton on sexual security
Sue Grafton on The View
Kenneth Grahame's idea of a picnic
We meet Mister Badger (Kenneth Grahame)
Mole Spring cleaning
October (Greene)
Anthony Hofler on animal cruelty
Barry Hughart on village planning the Chinese way
Defined by your shape
Raymond Hume self medicates
John Irving on divine retribution
A warning from Jenny Joseph
Keats's Autumnwatch
Omar Khayyam on love
Friday night Larkin
Philip Larkin on parenthood (PG rated for language)
The style of D H Lawrence
Masefield's love of the sea
Roger McGough on poetry
McNeillie's cormorants
Leprosy, and how to avoid it. (Maitland)
Armistead Maupin on keeping a diary
A A Milne hums
A.A.Milne's bear warning
A.A. Milne and Eeyore's views on writing
MorningAJ: Old Henry
MorningAJ: A bit of history
MorningAJ: Taking the waters
MorningAJ: Santa Claws
A dog's point of view (Ann Nadge)
The perfect storm (Ellis Peters)
Terry Pratchett on libraries
Terry Pratchett on chance
Terry Pratchett's skill with names
Jem Poster's love story
What to do with string (Prince)
Rankin in the rain
Scientists speaking
Shakespeare on winter
Shakespeare on approaching winter
Shakespeare's anniversary
Mary Shelley on friends - or the lack of them
April snow (Spencer)
James Stephens on women's difficulties
Bram Stoker finds it hard to sleep
Apologies to Wordsworth (Streatfield)
Tennyson at the British Museum
Time passes for Dylan Thomas
(TV) Yorkshire Politics
Nury Vittachi: The Feng Shui Detective
T H White's mustard pot
Walt Whitman on love
Old Yeats
Jerrold Zar on spellcheck