Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Real small stones

Tumbled stones glitter from baskets on the market stall; quartz, citrine, fluorspar, opalite. Alongside each small cairn is a sign that promises good health and fortune. The rainbow of colours is linked to something called chakras. There is no explanation and I am forced to assume that those who believe in the power of stones will understand the strange word. Creased, pink cards offer good luck and balance from agate; relief from loneliness through dolomite; power over depression from smoky quartz. Hard to choose: do I need jade’s promise of longevity, energy from obsidian, or peridot’s ability to attract wealth? In the end I pick a small, pointed, purple one, because I think it is pretty.

Not a small stone of the literary kind. If you want to read my examples of those click on the tab at the top of the page.


Akelamalu said...

If you're interested in these get a copy of The Crystal Bible, it will tell you all about the properties of them. :)

MorningAJ said...

Actually Akelamalu I sort of just like having them around. I'm not too worried about what they all mean - though my reflexologist is really into it and she'll laugh like mad when she finds out I went and bought myself an amethyst point(and a piece of citrine and some yellow jasper....). No doubt she'll tell me why I chose them.

Sandra Davies said...

Gemstones was one of those things got into briefly when my daughter was young - but I never did find out what they were supposed to be about - like you, I just liked them for themselves.

By the way - I came here to read this post and got sidelined by the 'Strictly Writing' Blog in your RH column - spent the past half hour or so browsing there - wonderfully informative!

snafu said...

Owning a stone is good for you? Silicon is a large component of almost all rocks, so most people have a certain amount of rock about their person if they carry a mobile phone with them, because crystalline silicon is what the active electronic parts are made from. Does this count? Silicon is quite pretty, being a shiny silvery grey substance.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne .. I love the basket of stones - so pretty .. I have some from my time in South Africa .. and love them .. also wear odd ones ..

One day I shall find out about the Chakras .. it'll be interesting to hear what your reflexologist says about your choices ..

Cheers - Hilary