Thursday, May 05, 2011

Stuck in traffic

Who are you Happy Man
In my rear-view mirror?
What is the song you sing
As you sit (more patiently than me)
In this traffic jam?
My radio is on but
The sound in my ears
Does not match
The shape of your mouth.
Vainly I search for the station
That you hear.
I fear the song is in your head.


Sandra Davies said...

Oh this chimes! I have often wondered the same thing and in the end decide they have their own supply of CDs, or an ipod.

Jarmara Falconer said...

Oh yes I know of this too. Many a time when my much beloved and I have headed North see other singing along to the same song as us LOL

Akelamalu said...

I always sing along with the radio when I'm driving and often wonder if other road users are listening to the same channel :)

snafu said...

I have to admit I have not noticed too much singing when stuck in the regular jams on the M25 or the M6. If I could lip read, I don't think it would be song lyrics I would be seeing.
I usually take an audio book if I am driving alone.

MorningAJ said...

This guy was singing his head off - and for several songs in a row! (It was a long tailback from a reduction in lanes on the M1 near J25) And he seemed totally oblivious of anyone round him - just happy.