Monday, May 16, 2011

404 error

Cyberspace is dead. We already poisoned the real world so that trees and birds and animals and plants and bugs are fading from existence, leaving only bacteria to thrive in a barren wasteland. Now we have overcrowded the aether and our thoughts are ever tighter packed in the web-o-verse. Increasing blank pages and 404 errors were warning signs of disaster and the Internet is finally full. No email, no blog, no social networking, no games, no newsreel, no instant bookings in faraway hotels. Just the black screen of death. So, this is how it ends.

Or maybe I forgot to charge my laptop again.


The Blogger collapse clearly affected me quite deeply!


Sandra Davies said...

This ought to carry a health warning!!! Phew - pass me the sal volatile

Jarmara Falconer said...

Oh no and just when I feel like I have lots of friends I've never met I about to be all alone in the world again... Sorry, I mean interworld.

Just you get your laptop on charge now and come into play with the rest of us!

snafu said...

I was suffering withdrawal symptoms too.

ChrisJ said...

Oh no! The outage didn't bother me at all, tho' I'm sure I would have missed all my good friends after a couple of days. But to me it just gave me an excuse for having one less thing to do. I DO stress about deadlines and if I don't blog for a day or two I feel quite guilty. Such a perfectionist!