Friday, May 13, 2011

FFF55: Animal testing

Ninety two per cent of medicines that enter human trials do not work or cause side effects. Animal tests suggested they would succeed. Aspirin kills cats, thalidomide was approved, and yet many scientists continue to promote the torture and poisoning of millions of rodents every year as the way forward.
Sadly, this is not fiction.

The original of this post had a political section here. This is the result of a lot of research I have been doing this week for my day job. 
As usual it's for Friday Flash Fiction 55. A weekly challenge hosted over on Mister Knowitall's Blog. Check it out.  Of course, he might not have had chance to put it back after the Blogger chaos!


Brian Miller said...

ugh...yeah, how many have to die...and they will say it is for the greater good...but then again they use that to justify other murders as well...dang there i go getting political...when this is about rats...well...

MorningAJ said...

Actually, it's about the fact that experimenting on rats produces usless results. But I guess I didn't make that obvious.

snafu said...

Has the problem got this far back? I thought I said something about guinea pigs dying from penicillin.

Ellie said...

Just horrific what will be done in the name of progress. The animals suffer and we 'maybe' benefit. Not right.

G-Man said...

Your compassion and zeal is apparent.
Loved your 55
Thanks for playing in light of the fiasco!
Your loyal support is much appreciated!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Shanae Branham said...

What a very important statement. I didn't know that aspirin kills cats. It's sad that our society puts up with this. I am glad you have raised your voice against it. I raise mine with yours!

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