Thursday, January 19, 2012


Once upon a time a frightened little girl sat on a hospital bed in a small side-room and cried. It was two days since she had seen her parents and knew many strange and difficult things would happen to her before she would see them again. What are you going to do to me, she asked. But in typical nineteen sixties style, a stern nurse told her she was a child and wouldn't understand. Don't cry. Be brave. It'll all be over soon.

How was that supposed to help? She cried more. But this time the nurse was angry and told her to stop right now. We're busy and don't have time to deal with your hysterics. So she stopped, and eventually she was wheeled away to theatre; still afraid, still unknowing.

Almost fifty years later I must face surgery. Today I cannot stop her tears.


Jarmara Falconer said...

I wish you well... If it of any help I would be crying too. I've only been to hospital to have my son so if I was told I needed surgery you'll have to chain me to a bed. And scared is a word to cover how I would feel. My thoughts are with you, AJ.

snafu said...

Just hang on to the idea that in three months time it wall all be in the past and you will be fine again and wondering why you worried so.

Sandra Davies said...

Yes, Snafu is right - all things must, and will pass. All my (three) childhood hospital stays were potentially traumatic, insofar as they included fear, ignorance, blood and pain and I survived them, as you did yours. It should be easier now you know (It should, it should - keep repeating!) Nevertheless I am mentally holding your hand as tight as can be.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Adults have grown up now with regards to childrens need to know. I am sure you will be well-informed of all that is to happen - anaestetist and surgeon generally talk to you before surgery (went under the knife this Wednesday and this did happen).

I can understand your fears - do not be afraid to tell hospital staff of them - they will put your mind at ease.

Good luck!

Anna :o]

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Dear Anne .. I'm sorry for this - sounds like the build up has been there all these years - and now it's come .. I just hope it will be 'simple' and you won't feel anxious so much ..

I haven't had many visits to hospital .. but feel now they are much more empathetic .. and I relax and let them get on with it .. actually take the opportunity to switch off altogether.

My thoughts are with you .. Hilary