Monday, January 30, 2012

Bedtime reading

This is currently on my dressing table ready for bedtime reading. I fancied some short stories and received this little collection from Santa (it was in my Yule stocking).

I've been familiar with the works of LTC Rolt for some time, ever since I worked for British Waterways, and knew I'd enjoy it. They're short tales, all with some sort of travel theme, because Rolt was a transport historian. And as the title suggests, they're ghost stories.

So far none of them have been terribly scary - but they are of a sort that doesn't often get written these days. They feature isolated, creepy inns and foggy nights; grotesque figures looming from the dark; mysterious smells and lights through the trees beside a road.  It's an entertaining book with a flavour of an earlier age.
Thoroughly enjoyable - but I'm still sleeping well.


Sandra Davies said...

Not my genre at all at the moment, although I can understand the appeal. I remember the creepy old inn/foggy night/smugglers scene from a book read when I was ~11, set in Rye, but haven't a cllue now who by, but the atmosphere created has remained with me.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne .. sounds an excellent read .. for me and as short stories for the residents at the Nursing Home - well I'll try not to terrify them!

Cheers Hilary