Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Spring (?) cleaning

The recent warm and sunny weather had a strange effect on me. I started spring cleaning again at home. I know it's October (it was late September at the time but not to worry) but I still felt the urge to remove things that were cluttering up my life.

Same applies here. It seems increasingly that I'm visiting other people's blogs and commenting but no-one's reciprocating. So I'm having a clean-up. I'm removing some links to people I never hear from, others whose blogs seem to have stagnated and a couple that have changed direction to something that doesn't interest me.

If you are a regular visitor and I've not been round to see you lately, let me know. I try to get to everyone as often as possible, but when you follow lots of  blogs it's not always easy (and I run three different blogs, mostly with different crowds of bloggy links).

Meanwhile, if you're one of the people who never drops by, you won't be reading this and so it doesn't matter!

Hello to anyone who DOES visit regularly. And thanks.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ann .. I do what I can and go where I can .. hopefully I'm a sticker and attached here!

Just can't get to all posts either .. we just do what we do!

Look after yourself - if you've finished spring cleaning .. please come down here!! Cheers Hilary

snafu said...

You must realise it is really hard to keep up with you. You are so prolific. I have trouble posting something once a month and I am retired, so I should have loads of time to spare, but never seem to have enough time. How do you do it? I have a huge backlog of ideas but never seem to catch up, all the maundane aspects of everyday life keep getting in the way.
Keep it up, I follow even if I don't always comment.

Sandra Davies said...

Spring-cleaning at home here too - partly because we have (rare) visitors coming and partly because the sun at this time of the year shines through in a way that highlights dirt and dust.
I also think a lot about clearing bookshelves but not done much about it so far.
Thankfully you ARE one of those I regularly read and comment on so I trust I am not being cast into outer darkness yet - are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

MorningAJ said...

Hello all. Don't worry. You're all still in. You are all regular visitors and contributors. You're not the people I mean at all! I also enjoy your posts too much to break off connections.

@Hilary Your posts are always fascinting and usually about things I don't encounter elsewhere.

@snafu Your posts are few and far between but they're really worth waiting for. I LOVED your American road trip. I could never have kept up with that.

@Sandra I love your art work and your writing so you are stuck with me in several places! Still thinking about NaNO. i have an idea, but I' not sure whether I have time this year. I shall probably give it a try.