Tuesday, October 04, 2011


If the world was ending tonight, how would you feel? Looking back over your life, long or short, would you be proud or ashamed; content or raging? We all have dreams when we are young, and some people achieve them. Some go out of their way to follow them, while others have them fall into their hands by happenchance. Others realise their desires are impossible and find new ambitions to take their place.

Some people’s worlds will end tonight. Lives will stop, suddenly or after a long fight, but always cruelly. Life is never long enough to fulfil all one’s aspirations. Even for those who wish that death would take them, there will always be something else hoped for but never attained. Happiness, a good job, a true love, a life well lived, a sense of completion. 

Now imagine that your world will not end tonight. What will you do tomorrow to add to your store of goals achieved? You have only one life, long or short. So make it count.


anthonynorth said...

Well, my ongoing dream is to be a famous writer, but that's okay - many don't make it until they're dead anyway :-)
As for looking back, there are some things I'm exceptionally proud of, and some areas full of regret. If the two are not there, I don't think the person has really lived.

snafu said...

The one thing you can be sure of is that you will never get out of life alive.