Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday 160

So there has been another irritating program update. How am I supposed to count characters now the Evil Elves of Microsoft have tinkered with my computer again?

I read these things each week but have never tried to write one. I can't believe how much more difficult it is to make exactly 160 characters than it is to hit 140 (which I've played in the past). rant And darling Microsoft have changed their program AGAIN so I have to click three times to get a character count now. How is that better for the end user?  /rant
This meme is hosted by The Monkey Man. And it's worth visiting his blog  find some MUCH better ones than I've written.


Anonymous said...

I have found myself counting "by hand" rather than using the character count ~ I think I'm more accurate :-)

Here's mine: 160 ~ Left Behind

5thsister said...

Oh I know what you mean: click, click, click. Every Sunday 160, micro-muse, Flash Friday, and Centus: click, click, click!

Brian Miller said... "Design 215 character counter" that is what i use.

Pheromone Girl said...

I can totally relate - every time I figure something out, Microsoft changes things. I have 4 different computers I use and none of the Office versions are the same. Makes me want to scream!

izzy said...

The counter doesn't work- it said I had more then I did ! -tis frustrating!
thanks. I couldn't link to Monkey man I had to link from Gman!

Kwee Lewis said...

Hi! This week is my first try at the 160. I am a day late thanks to Microsoft... Anyway, I know! To count mine, I used the Hootsuite I use for Twitter. It stops at 140, so I just went 20 over. Then copied it out. It is a lot of fun though, and I love how it makes me think :-)