Monday, June 27, 2011

3 word week: Green, green grass of home.

The thing about living in a hotel is that your circle of friends changes with alarming frequency. Just as you start to get to know someone and add them to your ad hoc family their holiday is finished and off they go home. On the other hand, sometimes you are glad to see the back of visitors who over-reacted to mein host’s esemplastic skills and were sucked in closer than you ever intended. I choose to live here precisely because it brings a varied stream of potentially sparkling company to my door without me having to make any effort, but there are limits.

Seven nights of sitting in the bar listening to Sharon and Darren trying to outdo Tracey and Duane with their tedious tales is enough to put anyone off. I mean, déjà moo darling! The other night it was all about holidays-they-have-spent, and the claims became increasingly ridiculous as the level in the vodka bottle fell. If hand-rolling cigars in Cuba or pearl diving off Bahrain are so exciting, why did they come here? Truth is, a wet week by the scruffy seaside is the measure of their worth.

As for last night’s discussion about all the celebrities they claim to have met, well it was just too outrageous. They had never clapped eyes on any of the stars whose names were being bandied about. Even if I had never mixed in such exalted company myself it would have been obvious that they were just repeating women’s magazine gossip.  I fetched up here after a lifetime in the entertainment industry so I really have met most of the artistes they mentioned, and quite a few more I can tell you. I was never on stage, of course, never front of house. I worked as a dresser, so I have seen the great and glorious without their costumes and make-up, and I know the reality. But I am far too discreet to kiss and tell. Besides, once you have seen Tom Jones in his underpants you know there really is very little glamour in showbusiness.


This is my offering for Steve Isaak's three word Monday, which he hosts at his blog Reading and Writing by Pub Light.
This week's words and phrases are: ad hoc families, déjà moo and esemplastic. If you want definitions click here.
For rules of the contest click here.

I've had an idea going round in my head for a couple of weeks now (as if I didn't have enough on with my current WIP) and this gave me the opportunity to let some of it escape and see daylight.


Ellie Garratt said...

I really enjoyed this piece. Very clever!

Sandra Davies said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this and could identify with every words ... BUT, yuck, yuck, yuck - you should have put a 'visual pollution warning' before the final sentence.

snafu said...

Nice one, but like Sandra Davies said, the last sentance evokes a rather uncomfortable image.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi AJ .. loved this - I can imagine living in a hotel and having this happen night after night .. oooh .. let alone your last sentence .. wish Sandra hadn't sent me back to look!

Cheers - Hilary

Steve Isaak said...

Fun, engaging - particularly the intro paragraphs.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Love this!

Anna :o]