Monday, April 11, 2011

What's in a name?

As you all know we've been on our holidays. So this morning I've come back to work to face a mountain of emails. I appear to have had a large number from people I don't know, all offering me little blue pills or a way to 'lengthen your man rod'. I'm pleased to say that I don't need either.

However, one benefit of all this is that I now have a wonderful store of names. I can never think of names for my characters when I write so I am always looking for new places to find them. And here they are. For anyone else who has difficulty naming their characters feel free to help yourselves from the list who 'wrote' to me while I was away!

Dorothea Burch
Terrell Wilder
Glenda Stevenson
Joyce Eaton
Herscel Brandt
Charlene Mooney
Jan Ritchie
Henry McCallion
Toby Covington
Art Hester
Darryl Anaya
Clark Christian
Errol Hahn
Darwin Woodward
Leslie Hartman
Ashley Keat
Tricia Cohen
Danny Terrell
Norris Stroud
Faith Lacey
Josef Nunez
Caroline Smart
Eric Eden


snafu said...

I expect they have a computer program to pair up likely names it would not be hard to write one to do that on a pseudo random basis.

MorningAJ said...

You could have a potential money spinner there you know - nqame generator for novelists with nomophobia (I just made that word up!)

MorningAJ said...

nqame generator? I made THAT word up too!