Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big fat bully

All I wanted was to join in,
Have fun, be like the rest.
Some kind of ball game,
Chasing, throwing, laughing.
But you don't play nice.
You snigger when I run
And call me names.
Pick me last out of the group
Even after the spotty kid with glasses,
Make me feel stupid. And alone.
So I'll go home instead,
Where I can't hear you play,
And I'll read a book
And eat biscuits
And die young
From a broken heart.

My job requires a lot of reading around science news and research developments. One of the stories I've read this week is about how the stigma of being fat and being constantly reminded (by colleagues, well-meaning friends, advertising, medics etc.) actually contributes to the person's poor health.  The story is here if you want to read more. That's where this poem came from.

So lay off the fat kid - OK?


Akelamalu said...

I've been there. :(

Thankfully my Dad's advice of 'if you laugh at yourself the bullies will get no pleasure out of their taunts and will stop' worked. :)

Sandra Davies said...

Hmm ... I was more the spotty kid with glasses ... and too tall with it.

snafu said...

Interesting that it actually harms people, it seems we all need some better awareness of the problem.
Kids are the worst and your picture from Lord of the Flies sums that up well. I don't recall any kids at my schools being overweight, but all sorts of other things were picked on instead. Akelamula's advice sounds good.

anthonynorth said...

It's so easy to think yourself into trouble, especially if everyone seems to confirm it. An excellent point.