Friday, April 08, 2011

FFF55 April 8. Time flies

Fifty five! I’m sure last time I looked I was thirty-something with a great job, the future all ahead of me and ambitions to meet. And before that I was just 19, setting out expectantly in the world. It doesn’t really seem so long since I was starting high school. Where did the time go?


Apologies everyone if I don't get to your blogs to comment in the near future. I'm on holiday (vacation) and I might not be able to get to the Internet. The reason I'm away is because Wednesday was my birthday and so this week's 55 has a special significance, because I am now the ripe old age of .......21 again!

You can find more 55s at The G-Man's Blog.

Thanks everyone who's turned up without a reminder - and special thanks to Brian for linking me in my absence! 


G-Man said...

You probably still get 'Carded' at the Pub I bet!
Loved your absentee 55 AJ.
Very thoughtful and much appreciated.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Holiday!

G-Man said...

You Linked this and didn't beat me to the comment box?
AJ....Sticky Wicket!!

Margaret said...

Gotta love the word "again".

Brian Miller said...

hey i remembered!!!! smiles.

and again happy birthday...really 55? what a coincidence...

Alice Audrey said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm not 55 yet, but I'm also feeling the whoosh of years gone by.

avoid the clap said...

Happy birthday. Enjoy your vacation.

anthonynorth said...

It goes quickly, doesn't it?

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Have a nice holiday! (Totally jealous here!)

See? I didn't forget to come. I was even going to link it for you, but I see Brian already did.

(He's a good egg, that Brian!)

Jannie Funster said...

Im a ripe 47, and loving every second of this!

Mine was the 4th, Miss Aries Sister.

Enjoy that holiday!

We all love you!


gautami tripathy said...

Happy birthday...!!

order of the day

Mama Zen said...

Happy Birthday and have an awesome vacation!

Jingle said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

enjoy your vacation.