Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Six sentences

They want me to write six sentences, which doesn’t sound very difficult, but I’ve been lacking inspiration lately and the challenge is much tougher than I thought.  First of all I need to define the word sentence. 
Back at school it meant something that started with a capital letter, ended with a full stop, and had a ‘doing word’ in it. These days I break those rules because I am a professional writer and my creativity no longer feels bound by them.

I began this challenge because I need more encouragement to exercise my fiction abilities. So why am I still describing reality?  

Over at Lines of Communication, Sandra's taking part in a thing called Six Sentences, which is a regular writing challenge. As some of you know, I've been sadly lacking in inspiration lately, so I've decided to sign up to see if it'll help.  I'm not sure that the above six sentences are particularly reassuring. But it's early days.


snafu said...

Six sentences...

Community service
Hard labour

Oh! not that kind then....

MorningAJ said...

What! ALL of them?

Sandra Davies said...

If it's inspiration you seek you might find (as I do) prompts more useful - currently I post regularly for http://phlambler.blogspot.co.uk/, (three words, weekly deadline) and Thinking Ten http://www.thinkingten.com/
(daily prompt, write for ten minutes then revise as necessary)
I'm struggling at times with 6S because of spreading myself elsewhere. An then there's the next one: 100 days of summer ...

MorningAJ said...

Phlamber is 'horror, fantasy or science fiction' and I don't really do any of those. I have sometimes done but it's not my best work.

I might give Thinking Ten a go though. Thanks!

Sandra Davies said...

No, I'd never done 'horror, fantasy or science fiction' before but had a few goes last year, abandoned it for a bit, thinking I had missed the point, then returned this year and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I don't think any of those terms strictly apply to what I do - it's more a darkish tale of two darkish people.
Glad to see you at T10 though.