Friday, July 06, 2012

Pea soup in a brewery

Alan was telling us some story about a bloke we sort of knew who'd been stupid enough to leave his wallet behind when he broke into the Co-op. "Couldn't organise a pea soup in a brewery!" He laughed aloud at his own joke.

"But why would they want pea soup in a brewery?" Nigel queried. "I mean, they don't make beer out of it, do they?"

The gang turned as one on the regular fall guy. Nigel was so easy to wind up, but it was a toss between him and Baz who'd be target for today. They were both dressed in less than trend gear. Baz, as usual sported some kind of way too big handmedown from one of his older brothers. But it was hardly his fault that his mum was always too skint to buy him and the other seven anything decent to wear.

Nigel was a different case though. His parents had money but no taste, and he'd been forced into a bright orange nylon thing. Literally forced, because the seams were losing a fight against the body inside. It was supposed to keep him dry in the rain, but he got wetter than the rest of us because it was too tight and made him sweat loads.

Alan was still sniggering to himself and you could see his brain calculating some smart comment. Simmo spoke up and punched him not too gently on the arm.

"Get over yourself. It really wasn't that funny."

The only response: a low-lidded glower and shrugged shoulders.

From a Thinking 10 prompt. Alan, Baz, Nigel and Simmo have appeared around here before.


snafu said...

Makes me think of some of the writing by Irving Welsh. His short stories about dysfunctional losers turned into a novel (not quite novel, just linked shorts stories) and a movie. A few more Tens and you can do the same maybe.

MorningAJ said...

I've sort of got a series of short stories on the go that I would like to turn into a novel. In fact I think I might start editing them and seeing what I can do with them. Thanks for the nudge.

goatman said...

So Sherlock Holmes and Watson were camping and Sherlock said: "look up Watson and tell me what that means. Watson looks up and says "I see a vast universe with uncountable points of light which means that we are on an insignificant planet with tiny beings destined to be probably forgotten in the overall scheme of things".
"No Watson", Holmes says, "it means that our tent has blown away". . . .

Just passing through ~~~

MorningAJ said...

Nice to meet you goatman. Come back any time you're passing.