Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My intention is always to pack light when I go travelling, but somehow I end up with loads of clothes and bits and bobs that I throw in 'just in case'. Literally just in case, because that's where they spend the entire holiday; never touched, never used, never even seen. In spite of that, I never learn. I find myself standing on stations and in airports, weighed down with all my clutter, surrounded by bags and holdalls and rucksacks and wondering just how I'm going to fit in everything I'm prepared for. Reading, photography, painting, hill walking, bird watching, shopping, fine dining, (we never do), and that's even before I start to cater for every potential kind of weather.

Five pairs of trousers is way too much for a week, particularly when I shall find myself slumming round in the same, comfortable pair of jeans for four out of the seven days. Take lots of t-shirts to ring the changes, that's the secret. But then there's the shoes.


We're off on holiday in a few weeks and I've been wondering what to take with me. I started writing a list. It made me realise just how much STUFF I pack that I don't need, so now I shall start crossing things off it.


Sandra Davies said...

There's nothing like spending a month in Australia with only a quarter of a pannier to put all one's luggage in to teach one how to be disciplined with packing - even so I managed to take two paperbacks (which, irritatingly I had to exchange once I'd read them, a normally alien concept) and a sketchbook and travelling painting gear. Main thing was shoes weren't a problem because it was boots or flipflops - under normal circumstances they're the biggest bugbear - a crate helps keep then in order!

Jannie Funster said...

If I can't fit all in a carry-on I stay home. :)

happy and safe travels to you.

I'd say 3 pairs of trousers should suffice -- stretchy ones, preferably.


moondustwriter said...

Love this Annie as I have to pack for a month and my issue is the shoes
ha - have a wonderful holiday