Wednesday, March 09, 2011

two small pebbles in a river of stones

My river of stones book arrived in the post yesterday and I have to admit I am totally blown away by it. I guess it's a measure of my amazement that I have sunk to using such a cliché to describe my feelings, but there you go. It arrived in a plain brown cardboard package with a simple delivery note in a plastic envelope on the front.  I undid the cardboard flaps and opened it up and it was stunning. I have seen photos of the front page but I was still unprepared by the depth of colour, the shine and the mesmerising lines of the pattern.
This is the first time that I have been in print in this way.

As a journalist I have seen my work in black and white for many years, of course, and during a later career in marketing I've seen it in other colours too. But this is different. I took part in this writing project because I thought it would be fun and I enjoyed it immensely. At the end we were asked to submit up to ten of our favourite pieces and I chose eight. Two of them were picked for inclusion in this book. Making me a published writer (by my definition) for the first time.

I can't express how proud I am to be part of this. (Which is a pretty awful admission for a writer!) It actually reduced me to tears. As I read some of the other small stones that share the pages with me I could not believe that I was considered good enough to be among them. Thank you Fiona and Kaspalita. Thank you for the opportunity.


Sandra Davies said...

It was really good to have this recommendation ... in a spirit of "once bitten ..." I decided to wait until it's on Amazon, having been stung by horrendous postal charges in the past for such productions, now I shan't hesitate as soon as I hear it's available there. And many congratulations on the two stones!

snafu said...

Congratulations :)