Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A book that takes place in Asia

 It's been a while since I updated you on the Reading Challenge

The Way of the Traitor
Laura Joh Rowland

It's the tale of Sano Ichiro, the shogun's Most Honorable Investigator of Events, Situations, and People, who is sent to Nagasaki, in theory as an ambassador. But he has been undermined by one of his enemies in the shogun's court and treachery is everywhere. When a Dutch trader's body washes ashore Sano is given the task of investigating the death. The Netherlands and Japan have a valuable trading association but the relationship is strained, and the wrong finding could destroy the fragile peace. Not only could a mistake plunge his country into war, but Sano's own safety is threatened by the very people he is working with.

It's a cracking tale that gives interesting insights into 17th century Japanese politics while offering a tense whodunnit alongside. I worried that the history would drown out the thriller, but I was wrong. There was a delicate balance between education and entertainment and I'd be happy to read more of the series.


snafu said...

So how many is that now? Sounds interesting. I imagine it has to put up with a lot of comparisons to Shogun, which is set a little while before, when only the portugese had any contact with Japan.

MorningAJ said...

Well, I've actually read a few more, I just haven't blogged them yet. I think I'm on about six at the moment, so I'm a bit behind schedule. But one of the challenges is a graphic novel. That's not going to take long!