Friday, June 27, 2014

An exercise

Sometimes my life seems to take a sudden, sharp turn left. My conscious mind, knowing it should be following a sensible, forward path, tries hard to overcome it, but the demon inside my skull has other plans. The world takes on odd colours; lights are brighter; and objects develop hardened edges. Suddenly I am scared. Everything is too close: traffic, walls, people. And I need to push them away.

69 words
I used to take part in regular writing challenges, but somehow I have diverted from them. I must try harder to keep my creative juices flowing.  This is just as the words came out of my head. I might edit later.


snafu said...

Please lie on ze couch and get comfortable. Unt how longk haff you had zis feeling? Kidding aside, good prose for a spur of the moment thing. I recall some of your short pieces, which were often atmospheric or had an unexpected twist. Keep going.

MorningAJ said...

Thank you!