Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Never truly random

The human mind cannot comprehend true randomness. Our very natures seek for reasons and patterns to explain disasters that affect thousands.  Earthquakes, floods, eruptions, wildfires, all have scientific causes, and when we cannot calculate them, we call them acts of God. (Although, what kind of god wreaks so much havoc on so many souls to prove his power?)
But real disasters overwhelm millions more every day. Small but devastating events are happening all around us. A lost job, a parent’s death, a fatal diagnosis, ruin one, or a few, lives and the rest of the world goes on, indifferently, unaware of the destruction; leaving the sufferer to cry ‘why me?’

Just some thoughts after reading the news over the last few days.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne .. there is too much going on which brings misery to many many people -

I thought 'why me?' occasionally in the last few years .. but I knew ultimately I'd be ok .. so many are much much worse off than we are - and I do think of them ..

All the best - we're lucky here .. cheers Hilary

Stew Adams said...

I've found over my life that every time good fortune seemed to pass me by, it was because better was coming up the road.