Sunday, April 01, 2012

A-Z, April and stuff like that

You've probably noticed a recent rash of logos that say something along the lines of A-Z April on them. They're to do with a meme that's doing the rounds where people are trying to do 26 posts in a month, covering each letter of the alphabet.  Now I thought that was a good idea, but it sort of gets in the way of the regular things I do, so I have a dilemma.  This is the way I've solved it.

I've set up a 26 letters page (see the tab at the top) and I plan to find a new, interesting or otherwise-chosen word for each one. I've done a couple already and I expect the list to grow steadily during the month, but I'm making no promises to finish it in 30 days. (Not least because I shall be on holiday for a hefty portion of them.)

I'll probably do a post at the end of the month to remind you how I'm doing. And I might do one when I finally have 26 words. But don't hold your breath. It's a WIP.  (See TLA)


Stew said...

Sounds challenging.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne .. I have yet to click the link .. enjoy your holiday I think I might come too?! Cheers Hilary