Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday extracts: Wrong time of year

I walked about on my own, a bit lonely.
Suddenly I saw a whole lot of yellow flowers with long stalks.
They were right by a pond under some trees and the wind was
blowing them about a bit.
They seemed to go on and on, great rows of them.
I realised with one look there were masses of them all
moving about on the wind.
Now, when I'm lying on my bed, with nothing to do or feeling
a bit low, I think about those yellow flowers and it sort of
cheers me up, like.

Jill Streatfield
With apologies to Wordsworth

OK - so I know it's the wrong season. But it's funny. Right? 


snafu said...

Nice extract :) The original always makes me wonder how lonley clouds are. There is rarely a single cloud in our sky and even when it is horizon to horizon full cover, is that one great big lonely cloud or a lot of clouds huddled together? Even jet trails seem to cluster, maybe they do feel lonely.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne - gosh we need some lovely thoughts at the moment - actually the berries are rather great at the moment a few bunches of red are rather gorgeous.

Lonely - lonely frosted branches .. and a lonely moon wandering the silvery sky ..

Cheers Hilary