Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nano no no

For the last two years I've completed Nanowrimo and I've created two books, one of which I self published. But this year I've decided to give it a miss. The main reason is that I abandoned a very good project last year in order to start a new work, to meet the Nano regulations. 

Sadly, while the Nano product last year wasn't bad, and it might have potential as another self published book, it wasn't a patch on the one I abandoned.

So what I'm doing this year is going back to the work I left standing. I'm currently reading through the 21,000 or so words I have, to get back into the story line. And sometime in November I shall be adding to the total.

I don't expect to write 50,000 words. I'll settle for around 20,000, frankly. But November is a tough month at work this year and I'm not committing myself to anything.

Good luck to all of you who are going for it again in 2012.  I wish you flowing words and a kind Muse.


Sandra Davies said...

From many points of view NaNoWriMo's rules can be broken with impunity, after all there are no prizes, no rankings, it is merely a self-disciplinary exercise and if you 'cheat' then the only person who may be let down is yourself. But if you define what the challenge is to YOU - writing the 50K from scratch or an additional 50K, then you can play it whatever way you like.
Best of luck anyway - I'm completely opting out.

Maria said...


I too have won the last two NaNo's, and I'm also opting out to finish a project. I loved the challenge, but I really need to finish something else.

Good luck!

fairyhedgehog said...

You can always join in as a Nano rebel! (It's only cheating if you don't write and claim that you do - writing in some way other than the challenge is just rebelling!)

Good luck with working on your story, however you do it!