Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday extracts. Sexual security

We lay there afterward, laughing and sweaty and out of breath and then he encompassed me in sleep, the weight of his big arms pinning me to the bed. But far from feeling trapped, I felt comforted and safe, as though nothing could ever harm me as long as I stayed in the shadow of this man, this sheltering cave of flesh, where I was tucked away until morning without waking once.
A is for Alibi
Sue Grafton
(SPOILER ALERT! It's a shame she ends up shooting him.....)


Sandra Davies said...

Ah - you shouldn't have spoiled it!!

snafu said...

An archniaphile maybe, but spiders bite off the head of their mates and rarely shoot them.

Stew said...

I'm sure he had it coming.

MorningAJ said...

Sorry guys - but it was just such a contrast and only a few pages apart! And I'd been so taken with this lovely, romantic extract.