Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday extracts: Self medication


Purple-dappled dainty petals,
Seamlessly sewn to make a hat,
On a toddler's finger teasingly to settle,
Or a bell to announce a prowling cat;

Or lividly languid grandpa's nose,
Dripping dew-drops wherever it goes;
And a whistling chest of flutes and oboes;
Elephant feet overflowing his shoes.

His pulse, his life, irregularly irregular,
Since ancient fevers encrusted his heart;
Longed-for landmarks a step too far,
Till he and his dropsy are persuaded to part.

Some ancient wisdom from a gypsy crone,
Not from guidelines in a medical tome;
So salute decoctions of digitalis leaf,
Deliverer of unimagined relief.

Raymond Hume (1945 - )


I've mentioned this before but it's such a good thing that I thought I'd remind everyone. This poem was extracted from a leaflet that can be found at doctors' surgeries across the UK. They're called Poems in the Waiting Room, and they are a quarterly publication, printed on an A4 sheet, folded in three, and given away free.


snafu said...

I have not seen that service in our docor's waiting room, but I have not really been looking. I'm back there next monday so I must have a better look.

Akelamalu said...

I've never seen these at the doctors, how interesting.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne - foxgloves are at their best now .. I saw one or two glorious ones in the hedgerows on my Cornish journey. What a great poem .. and I'm going to the doctors' next week - I shall remember to check -

Cheers Hilary

Jan said...

I've never seen these either. Where can doctor's surgeries order them from. Oh! I think maybe if I click on your link you may have mentioned this before! x