Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An observation

The dried cherries in my lunch-box fruit-snack are very sticky. And they taste more like prunes.


I've been taking part in some One Minute Writer challenges recently, but there doesn't seem to be much feedback from them - or many people taking part. So I'm seriously considering abandoning it. I've been looking for other prompts, because I'd like something to guide me in a short writing exercise on a regular basis, but what I've found gets complex: write two haikus about....; draft a crime story in 10 minutes; etc.

So today I just strung some words together. I think it works.


Sandra Davies said...

Three suggestions: Thinking Ten offers a variety of prompts six days a week and suits me fine because it can be used so flexibly, and I have recently returned to Lily Child's Friday prediction, which has a three word prompt, a 100 word limit and looks for something akin to horror - an interestingly different direction and excellent feedback. Six Sentences offers no prompts but reasonably supportive feedback.

Stew said...

I love the idea of the one minute writer. I would be on board with it if my mind was capable at this time. I seem to be a bit scattered.
It's interesting to se where someone's mind goes with a few chosen words.

And, why is it that dried fruit all taste the same?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Anne .. I prompt myself enough .. but love the cheery stickee proon ..

Enjoy the weekend .. Hilary